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Our Clients


Product Design

Building a product? Ensuring the data aspects of your projects and products are rigorous, do exactly what you need them to do and have defensible integrity in the marketplace can be the thumb on the scale of success that we provide.

Bespoke Algorithms

Have what looks like a numerical problem with no solution? Using our expertise in econometrics, optimisation and data science, we’ll get you across the line, either by bringing you up to speed with the techniques, products and partners available - or designing the solution for you.

Predictive Analytics

Finding patterns in historical data with statistical modeling and machine learning to identify risks and opportunities is amazing - but knowing the potential impacts of the decisions and choices you make with that output can be the icing on the cake. We provide that.

Data Brokerage

You've got data, maybe a lot of data - but how do you know if it's even valuable and if so how do you go about selling it? Well, it's straight forward - we analyse it, we anonymise it, we leverage our networks to find buyers and you get paid.

Business Intelligence

Disparate data sources, multiple tools, spreadsheets for miles, databases left fallow, no actionable insights and missing metrics – wherever your reporting and data engineering is at, we’ll make it better, faster, more reliable and more useful – actionable insights are what we deliver.

Team Building

Looking to build a data component of your organisation but not really sure how to evaluate candidates or what you really need? Well we’ll dive in with you, find the right people, bring them in and get them up and running so your organisation can fire on all data cylinders.

Selected Projects

Empowering Utility Customers to Participate in the Clean Energy Transition with Personalised, Subscription Energy Pricing

We scoped, prototyped and delivered a process to calculate subscription prices for hundreds of thousands of retail energy customers using various techniques including panel regressions, farthest neighbours, next-nearest neighbours, and imputations. With this approach we were highly successful as preliminary results from a large Midwestern [USA] utility that show customers saving 6% on their bills with subscription rates, as well as double-digit peak-demand usage reductions.

Designing and Delivering a Methodology to Construct Defensible Scores for Corporate Reputations

A PR company in the process of building a reputational risk score realised that, while they excelled in their domain, taking survey data and converting it to reputational risk score that was technically convincing was outside of their wheelhouse. Thus we came on board and used our product development and start-up experience to guide the scope and development. Applying various supervised machine learning techniques, such as k-means clustering and silhouette analysis, as well as sentiment analysis (which is computationally identifying and categorising opinions expressed in a piece of text) to the data, we transformed their idea into a robust, sellable product.

Wholesale Invoice Generation/Forecasting and Auditing in a Few Hours from Trillions of Bits of Data

Telco resellers (MVNOs) can have tens or hundreds of thousands of customers on scores of different plans. These plans have wildly different configurations and all of this can change rather frequently. What this means is that invoices from the carriers to MVNOs can be extremely difficult to audit and are frequently incorrect. However, for our MVNO clients, we are often able generate what the invoice should be weeks before the invoice arrives, enabling much faster financial reporting. We have also lowered the original invoice amounts by up to 25% a year in some cases by successfully identifying and demonstrating errors to carriers.

Enabling and Empowering One of New South Wales, Australia’s Largest NGOS to Optimise their In-Home Care Schedules

The Business Services Management Team intuitively knew that they could do better with the scheduling and routing of their care workers but didn’t know where to start. After a deep dive into their data, their processes and visiting their operations centre it became clear to us that their scheduling could be greatly improved by a solution that utilizes the multiple traveling salesman with multiple depots problem, which is a combinatorial optimization and integer programming problem. From there we built a toy model in Python that showed a sufficient reduction in daily travel time per care worker was possible such that in-hope visits could be increased by roughly 8%, and educated the management team on how to evaluate potential solutions and vendors.

Designing and Delivering a Stand-Alone Algorithm to Optimise and Estimate Freight Costs and Pack Cargo Crates

A furniture company was finding it difficult to accurately quote their customers for shipping on their orders. After researching the problem and getting an understanding of the domain, we implemented an expected value algorithm for their sales. We then combined that with ‘The bin packing problem’, which is a combinatorial NP-hard problem in computational complexity theory to predict how many cargo crates might be needed for the expected sales completed by each shipping date. This allowed the company to quote for shipping in a far more sophisticated, accurate and competitive way when compared to their previous method of quoting to cover all eventualities.

Analysing, Cleaning, Preparing Material and Conducting Sales of Ad-Tech Data

We were approached by an ad-tech group about monetising their extensive data sources. To begin, we developed a method of categorising the data by usefulness and accuracy, then developed a suite of basic reports for customisable areas such as visitation to an area by day of week and time of day, before and after locations (what paths do people typically follow before and after visiting an area) and core trade area (from which locations do people visit an area). This work we then used to on sell our cleaned data sets to multiple organisations for demographic mobility analysis among other uses.

Designing and Delivering an Algorithm to Minimize Various Risks for a New Payments Company That Uses Open Banking

We can’t say much about this project yet – but getting properly stuck into the payments ecosystem was rather fascinating – in the first case, it seems like most of the predictions for credit cards are fairly well solved problems that use algorithms such as gradient boosted machines. In the second, it looks like open banking will ring in some major changes in short order, and finally, the melding of econometric style analysis with data science proved to be effective and interesting.

Understanding the Long-Term Reporting Needs for a Start-Up and Finding the Right People to Be the Nexus of Their BI Team

A now listed company needed BI and reporting when they were back in their seed stage. The founders didn’t have either the time nor the expertise to do this important task justice. We came on board, spun up the urgent reporting and prepared a priority list for the rest. Then it was a case of setting about finding and hiring the right people to carry on and grow the work that we started.

Speeding up Intersection Analysis by Orders of Magnitude for Transport and Traffic Engineering Applications

Finding out what the normal peak flow of traffic through an intersection is traditionally involves hiring traffic surveyors for a day or two. This is a bit of a gamble – how do you know the surveys were done on representative days? However, where there are vehicle counters such as induction loops in the road, there are digital tomes of text files filled with data. What we did is take years worth of this data, built supervised learning algorithms that clean it up, then identify in milliseconds how big, how long and when the peak traffic flow is for each lane of each intersection. If you were to analyse all 42,000 intersections in the SCATS system, then our method compared to the sum of person-days to do the same analysis, is an astounding 38,000 times faster.

About Us

Bison Analytics exists to convert data into profits and performance with our technical skills in econometrics, machine learning, data science, statistics and numerical techniques. We have extensive experience in product development. Not only do we use Python, SQL and Stata, we’re also quite handy in Power Point. If you’re building something and need it fortified, or want something built, be in touch.

Blair holds a B.Sc. with Honours in Physics in which he contributed to research in geophysical fluid dynamics and began his career engineering science in the transport space. From there he really cut his commercial teeth at then start-up telco, amaysim, where he led and built their data and analytics function as they grew from a few hundred to seven hundred thousand customers or so – and with that experience to leverage, Bison Analytics was born
Neil holds a Ph.D. in Economics from UCLA, in which he used experimental and real-world data to examine consumer motivation for purchasing environmentally friendly products and services. Now specialising in environmental, behavioural and regulatory economics, he has assisted utilities, policymakers and technology firms around the world, on rate design, energy policy, innovative pricing, experimental design, technology adoption and policy impact measurement.
Tim holds a Master of Computer Science and Mathematics and prior to joining us was building deep neural networks using Tensorflow and Keras to perform image classification, segmentation and detection. With Bison, he’s moved back towards his mathematical roots where applying his broad and deep technical knowledge and skill is instrumental in the delivery of our products and providing our clients with intelligent, value-adding solutions

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